Sylvia Plath (1932-1963) - Bibliography - Articles and Dissertations

The following articles are ordered according to the following topics:
on The Bell Jar
on the poetry and prose of Sylvia Plath
Comparisons with other writers

See also my list of articles that are available online.

The most important collections of articles are

  • Linda Wagner: Critical Essays on Sylvia Plath (1984)
  • Linda Wagner-Martin: Sylvia Plath: The Critical Heritage (1988)
  • Paul Alexander: Ariel Ascending (1985)
  • Edward Butscher: Sylvia Plath: The Woman and the Work (1977)
  • Gary Lane: Sylvia Plath: New Views on Poetry (1979)
  • Charles Newman: The Art of Sylvia Plath (1970), Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Press, 1970

    On The Bell Jar

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    On Plath's Poetry and Prose

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    Comparison with other Writers

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