Jack Folsom

Jack Folsom, a professor of literature and creative writing, specializes in the life and art of Sylvia Plath. In addition to his scholarly work, he is the author of The Endless Mirror: Reflections on our Yestermorrow and has published numerous poems in American "little magazines."

Poet in Residence

Sylvia Plath in London
January 1963

Inside the flat she rents
she lives in a moon mirror.
She subsists on hot words
broiled under the cold dawns.

At night by candle-light
she counts the shadows
dancing on the white walls
before her sleeping time.

In the grey winter morning
she parts the window curtains.
She peers down at heads wrapped in scarves,
at legs shuffling footless in the snow.

In the dark of afternoon
she watches faceless forms crossing streets.
They crease the freezing ruts
in her forehead as she turns away.

copyright: Kentucky Poetry Review

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